Complaints Handling Process

local school complaints handling

To ensure that complaints lodged at this school are resolved in a prompt and efficient manner.

To promote the highest standard of professionalism in dealing with our community.


Staff at this school are responsible for managing the resolution of disputes and complaints lodged with us

We will make every effort to promptly resolve disputes and complaints lodged with us according to the principles of procedural fairness.

Where we cannot resolve a complaint, the complainant, Principal or District Director can forward written complaints to the Director General of the Department of Education and Training.

Making a Complaint

Complaints can be made:


 Mullewa District High School

PO Box 137


Minimum information when making a complaint:

You should provide the following information when making a complaint:

In all cases, you will be kept informed of the progress of your complaint.


  • your name and contact details;

  • copies of any relevant correspondence or documents relating directly to the complaint;

  • the nature of the complaint; and

  • what you consider is needed to resolve the complaint.

In the case of a verbal complaint, where you do not want to be identified or to lodge the complaint in writing, we will endeavour to work directly with you to resolve the matter.


We will acknowledge written complaints within 5 school days. We seek to resolve local complaints within 14 days. If because of the serious nature of the complaint, it is deemed necessary to forward it on to another section of the Department, we will do this without delay.

In all cases, you will be kept informed of the progress of your complaint.

Enquiring on the progress of a complaint:

You may enquire as to the progress of your complaint at any time by directly contacting the appropriate person. At the time of lodging a verbal complaint, or in the acknowledgement letter for a written complaint, this person will be identified for you.

The outcome of a complaint:

We will advise you verbally or in writing of the outcome of the complaint. The outcome of all written complaints will be provided to you in writing.

When a complainant is unhappy with the outcome of a complaint:

If you are unsatisfied with our attempts to resolve your complaint, you may wish to express your concerns to the Regional Executive Director. To do this contact:

Mrs Lisa Criddle

Regional Executive  Director

Midwest Education Region

PO Box 63



Level 2

209 Foreshore Drive,


While this request can be made verbally, it is preferable that it is made in writing. Help in making this request will be provided by us, or the regional office, upon your request.

Rejecting a Complaint:

Complaints judged to be vexatious, trivial or without substance, or where it is judged to not warrant further action, will not be progressed. You will be advised of this decision in writing.