Our Canteen

We offer a recess canteen that has a healthy range of snacks.  Students are able to use Mullewa DHS passport points, in the form of Mully Dollars, to purchase goods from the canteen.  Parents must arrange with office staff for students to use their points.  We have a healthy foods policy that limits the foods we sell with high sugar content. 


available Daily            Available Thursday                                              and Fridays

Fruit                    Free                                    Tiny Teddies          50c

Popcorn                .50c                                   Muesli Bars            $1.00

Vege Chips         $1.50

Pretzels              $1.00

Small Water        $1.00

Large Water        $1.50

Small Yoghurt        .50c

Large Yoghurt       $1.50

Available with the support of foodbank 

Free for all students

  • Orange Juice or Milo (depending on weather)
  • Fruit  (depending on available fresh or tinned)

Volunteers are always welcomed.  Ring the school if you wish to volunteer!

Healthy Food and Drink Policy

At Mullewa DHS we ensure that we are following the Healthy Food and Drink Policy with the traffic light foods we can and can not have at the school.

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