Established February 2015, Mullewa District High School provided early education for Mullewa children. The Kindergarten caters for 12 students, pre-kindy (3yr olds) and Kindy (4yr olds).  Pre Kindy attends Tuesdays and Thursdays 9.00-11.00. Kindy attends Tuesday and Thursdays 9.00-3.05 and Wednesdays 9.00-2.30.

A qualified early childhood teacher delivers a play based learning program which focuses on the Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines and the Early Years Learning Framework Curriculum. She is supported by a qualified teaching assistant who has been an assistant for many years at Mullewa District High School. The children participate in teacher-led and child initiated activities that follow a general routine of outdoor time, group time for language development and mathematics, indoor play activities, music and rhyme time as well as rest time. Children enjoy a diverse range of play and real-life learning experiences including art and craft, cooking, gardening and music. Each term children are exposed to new language through a new theme which is either planned by the educator or the children.

The kindy program has specialists such as speech specialist and occupational therapy programs to assist students in their language skills, gross motor and fine motor skills. Students are taught social skills and language, mathematics and routine skills to help them in transition for pre-primary. Kindy students are also involved in the whole school synthetic literacy program.

Each day the kindy children are exposed to new and exciting open-ended play-based activities that are focused on each child’s strengths, needs and interests. This is by providing the children with opportunities to discover and explore through play.

Positive     Behaviour Supports (PBS)

Positive Behavioral Supports (PBS) is a systems approach to preventing and responding to school and classroom discipline problems. PBS develops school-wide systems that support staff to teach and promote positive behaviour in all students. Schools that implement PBIS focus on taking a team-based system approach and teaching appropriate behaviour to all students in the school. The purpose of PBS is to create an environment where everyone feels welcome, promote unity, and maximize learning.


The Synthetic Phonics Intervention Program supports students in acquiring the skills needed to read and write successfully. Students are tested on their phonics knowledge and placed in small groups with other students with similar needs. In these small groups, students receive explicit teaching and support at the point of need. Intervention occurs 3 times a week for 30 minutes and most students who attend school regularly and participate in the program show improvement in their phonics and reading skills. 

In 2018, we introduced a Mathematics Intervention Program.  Students are assessed and placed in small groups according to their level.   Students participate in fun and engaging activities lead by staff.  This intervention program has seen all students improve their mathematics outcomes. 

secondary Education Offerings

At Mullewa District High School all secondary staff work collaboratively to support all students to achieve The Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE).

We are currently offering for 2019:

  • Foundation courses:
    • English
    • Mathematics
    • Careers and Enterprise
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications:
    • FSK10213 Certificate 1 in Skills for Vocational Pathways.
  • Endorsed Programs:
    • ADWPL - Workplace learning

All secondary students have the opportunity to participate in school and partnership programs including:

  • Cadets
  • Country week
  • Aspire UWA
    • Year 9 camp
    • Year 11 camp


Mullewa District High School has integrated classroom learning with agriculture by engaging in a school community vegetable garden program. Each class was allocated a garden bed which they then planted vegetable seeds or seedlings chosen by the students in that class. Each week the classes come to the garden to check the growth of their vegetables. The classes also have competitions with each other on who has the best growing vegetable patch.

The students enjoy coming to the garden and students learn valuable gardening skills and agriculture concepts that integrate with several subjects, such as math, science, art, health and physical education, social studies as well as educational goals including personal and social responsibility. Students learn cooperation, teamwork and social skills. From the start of this experience, the students have gained self-confidence, social skills and new skills and knowledge of food growing.

We are hoping to have vegetables for the Mullewa Show in August and our long-term goal would be to have the hand-picked vegetables in the canteen and cook with the vegetables in the cooking classes within the school.


Secondary students at Mullewa District High School are part of a Bush Rangers unit. Bush Rangers is a Cadets WA program funded by the Department of Local Government and Communities and is focused on conservation and community development. Students participate in activities that encourage leadership, teamwork, critical thinking and care for the environment. Bush Rangers covers a wide variety of skills such as working safely in natural environments, bushcraft, first aid and leadership in nature conservation. Students have the opportunity to attend camps to demonstrate their learning and participate in outdoor activities. Students who participate in Bush Rangers gain life skills that may not always fit into other learning areas and often participate in Bush Rangers activities outside of the classroom. At times students are encouraged to direct their own learning and take responsibility for projects. Recent examples of student-run projects include providing graffiti removal kits to all classrooms, improving school garden reticulation and placing stickers around the school encouraging lower water usage.
 For more information on Bush Rangers.