Our Staff

Leadership Team

Principal - Mrs Nicki Patterson

Deputy Principals - Mrs Jo Green and Ms Rachel Hawes

Program Coordinator Literacy - Miss Shannon Simpson 

Program Coordinator Mathematics - Miss Donelle Fox

Corporate Service Manager - Mrs Lynely Joyce

School Officers - Mrs Jenna McGregor and Mrs Pia Johnstone 

Teaching Staff

ECE 1 Kindy and Pre-Kindy Teacher - Mrs Deborah Storey

ECE 2 Pre Primary to Year 2 Teacher - Miss Kelsey Fitzgerald / Miss Tania Gould

ECE 3 Year 2 to year 4 Teacher - Miss Shannon Simpson 

Room 3 Year 5 and 6 Teacher - Miss Donelle Fox

Room 6 Year 7 and  8 Teacher - Mrs Tania Dudgeon 

SLC Year 9 - 12 Teacher - Ms Caelene Bartlett 

Physical Education and Heath Teacher  - Miss Carla Vidovich 

Art and Music Teacher - Mr Dan Mangan


Ms Jacqueline Comeagain

Ms Alvina Flanagan 

Education Assistants

Ms Vanessa Simpson

Miss Tania Gould

Mrs Elizabeth Papertalk

Mr Dave Joyce


Mr Henry Flanagan

Library Officer

Mrs Michelle Crudeli (currently on maternity leave)


Mrs Lesley Hodgson