About us

Welcome To Mullewa district high school 

Mullewa has a long and proud history. Mullewa School was established as a primary school in 1895. To meet the demands of the community the school became a district high school in 1971. Our school is unique, in that we offer a pre kindy program as well as K - 12 curriculum programs. 

We have dedicated staff who are committed to a continuous cycle of developing their professional skills and knowledge. The school provides an education that caters for students academic needs, with a particular focus on differentiating the curriculum to suit our students. Teachers teach to students levels to ensure they are not missing important learning. Staff enjoy opportunities to keep parents informed on student progress.

At Mullewa DHS we understand the need to work with parents and carers to develop social and emotional needs of our students. We implement programs that ensure students are safe, happy and support them to self-regulate their behaviours. At Mullewa DHS we have developed a safe and calm school for our students and staff.

Our vision at Mullewa DHS is to have every child attend school every day; with every child in classrooms learning.

FRom the priNcipal 

I am committed to leading the school to create a safe, calm and positive learning school environment.  I believe that students are at the heart of schools and I am dedicated to ensuring our school caters for students academic and well-being development.   I know that I can not achieve the outcomes we desire without the support of dedicated staff and caring parents.  I am committed to supporting staff to be the best that they can be.

I am passionate about working with the school's community.  I am committed to developing positive high expectation relationships with parents and carers.

I am committed to leading Mullewa DHS to be a school that students enjoy being in and one that parents are proud of.  I  am also committed to celebrating the success of students and staff at every opportunity. 

Mrs Nicki Patterson